We started to expand our network by giving franchises to national and international venues in a short time based on 100% customer satisfaction and superior quality standards. Thanks to the physical structure of the brand, which can be easily integrated with open and closed environments, various sizes of spaces and different architectural structures, we have been able to present traditional and modern tea varieties to tea lovers with high technology in every area.

Our idea of keeping the tea fresh in case you can come anytime was emerged as a sincere and healthy alternative to the “café” culture that has been adopted since the year 2000 and has become widespread. Çaytaze kiosks and shops offering the traditional black tea as well as many different types of teas with the conditions of taste and health, are the places to find the healthy snacks and delicious desserts at the same time.

We think that the idea of “Çaytaze” (TeaFresh) reminded us of our real values we missed most of the time. The number of tea lovers increases day by day and the speed of the spread of Tropical kiosks proves this to us.

The taste of tradition is under control

It is not enough to use only the best quality products to keep the tea fresh every moment. We follow the duration to steep the bright red colored tea and the duration when the tea is drinkable for best quality of flavor.