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Expert support

Many entrepreneurs who want to create a new brand end this delightful adventure with frustration. This is because of the difficulty of the branding process as well as the specific processes of the sector such as management, procurement and marketing. However, our brand offers expertise to support its investors. Experienced Çaytaze team always develops itself to provide help to its investors with the largest range from everyday training to product supply, from software activities to service quality, from hygiene to advertising and marketing.

All of this helps us to minimize the risk factor, which is the only barrier to successful trading.

The brand continues to grow with its investors

“Çaytaze” brand is growing every day with “franchises” investing in itself. With low costs, high profit margins and business structure, Çaytaze, which offers investors a high profit in short term, increases the brand value as the number of investors increases.

The authentic is back!

The temporary European fashion starts to leave its place to our cultural values of every field.
At this point, Çaytaze runs to the help of the customers who want to sip the tea while having an intimate conversation. In this respect, the number of “franchising” applicants coming to the Çaytaze center also increases every day.

Flexibility: integrable concepts in different spaces

“Çaytaze” can be applied in two flexible concepts as Kiosk and Store.

Minimum 7.5 m2 for “Kiosk” concept and 100 m2 minimum for “Store” concept. Kiosk installations can be completed within 30 days in the desired zone.