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“Çaytaze” Kiosk

“Çaytaze” Kiosks are suitable for areas starting with a minimum of 7.5 m2.
The concept which is designed for the places which have dense pedestrian traffic and which offers the service as compatible with the rush of daily life, has started to provide profit since its opening.

Example of suitable “Çaytaze” kiosk locations:
Gardens and terraces of shopping malls, areas that are close to terraces,
Car parks of shopping malls,
Walking trails,
Bus stops located within the municipal boundaries,
Municipal buildings,
Square and boulevards, etc.

“Çaytaze” Store

 “Çaytaze” stores, which are expected to be suitable for areas starting at a minimum of 100 m2, are designed with a concept that can be preferred over a longer period of time than “Çaytaze” kiosks. In “Çaytaze” Stores, the product variety is increased, the material used are the traditional glass and porcelain, large and comfortable armchairs and tables.

Examples of suitable “Çaytaze” shop locations:
The main streets in the city center,
Stores in the shopping mall, etc.